Monday, August 30, 2010

multi task

retro bush

why do otter pops make u cough?


bon apetite

i wonder if the transit time on glitter is similar to corn.

ta ta for now, toolshed. it's been fun, but clarity calls


this is how i imagine sweet Olive.  Cruising through the universe, filled with magic. 

no H8

bon voyage

with my sail of lace, i push gently away from shore

turn ur lights down low

this is what i want my wedding to look like at night

gypsy poop

this is what i imagine they leave behind

mini me

                            when i have a little girl, we will wear matching bell bottoms.

Manana Today * ready to fly my manana flag, HIGH!

hammock grove, Dutch tubs and outdoor shared kitchens.
a little piece of heaven in Texas.